In addition to our driveway, paving and landscaping services, Design Paving is able to offer our customers in Kent our resin-bound services. Whether you are looking at having a new driveway, pathway or a section of your garden covered in resin, then we are the company to call.

There are many advantages to having a resin bound driveway. One of the most important is that our driveway specialists are able to apply this resin directly over existing concrete. This will eliminate a lengthy removal process; saving our Kent clients time and money.

Why should you choose resin bound?

  1. Resin bonding is a permeable substance – This will allow water to drain from the driveway without pooling. No inconvenient puddles will remain on your driveway, extending the lifespan of the driveway itself.
  2. Resin-bonded aggregate is essentially a conglomeration of small stones – You can choose from a wide variety of textures, sizes and colours which will match the existing decor of your property. Unfortunately, this may be an option not offered by other paving companies.
  3. The weather must always be taken into consideration – Many driveway materials have always been susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Resin-bonded aggregates are able to effectively eliminate such concerns. This type of driveway will not become soft in the summer nor will it lose its initial colour due to exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  4. Resin bound driveways are easy to maintain – No weeds should grow through and no cracks will appear. Nothing but an occasional jet wash will help to keep your driveway looking presentable.

If you would like to know more about resin bound driveways, then please do not hesitate to give our driveway specialists a call.