Design Paving have been installing security bollards for some time now. They are used as a deterrent to stop car thieves from stealing motor vehicles from your property. Very popular with our domestic and commercial clients.

We can install these security bollards to the front of your driveway, in front your garages or round the perimeter of your building.

There are a variety of telescopic bollards to choose from which can be pulled up from underneath the protected area.

Installation is simple. We dig up a small area to the depth of the bollard. Once it is deep enough, we place the bollard into the ground and fill up the hole around it with hardcore. We then check that the telescopic part of the bollard can be pulled up, (if this is the type you are going for). Once we know it works, we then fill the rest of the hole up with concrete. Once it has dried, it will be ready to use.